We provide innovative
solutions for the food industry

Elliptical Design provides efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions for your food processing needs. We provide British engineered solutions to the food industry in partnership with the very best component manufacturers across Europe.

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Very few production processes lend themselves to standard “off the shelf” equipment and often the customer will compromise on their choice of system. Often the decision to opt for an “off the shelf” automated solution is made simply because the belief is that they can be delivered within days and will be cheaper than a bespoke or uniquely designed system.

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Robotics are now used as a more cost-effective solution to replace repetitive manual labour. Providing consistent, accurate placement of products with pick rates up to 200 per minute, robotic systems are fast becoming the food industry answer to rising overheads. Once only used for end of line packaging, Elliptical Design can provide inline handling solutions for products.

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Ultrasonic Slicing

Ultrasonic technology is widely used to slice or cut food products which have a sticky, crumbly, delicate or soft structure. Ultrasonic (or sonic slicing) provides a quality of cut that cannot be achieved using traditional slicing methods on these types of products. The gentle Ultrasonic slicing action reduces product deformation and maintains product integrity, thus reducing yield loss and improving presentation and profitability.

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About Us

Whenever we buy anything new there are usually choices. In many cases it is easy to decide on which product to purchase because we like what we see, and the price is within our expected budget — but it isn’t quite as simple where technical items are concerned especially if they are made up of many different components that can’t be seen. In these circumstances we rely on the supplier to assist and advise us on their products to guarantee quality, value for money and most important that the product meets expectations and performs in line with requirements.

Cheese Slicing


Hard, blended, soft and sticky Cheeses can be portioned with high accuracy and quality, without deformation of the product ensuring that the quality and appearance of the presented surfaces exceed expectations while reducing yield loss.

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Bakery Slicing


Elliptical Design has experience of many Bakery applications ranging from the slicing of loaf cake to the portioning of Quiche & Gateaux. Many sandwich producers also understand the benefits that Ultrasonics can provide with the accurate cutting.

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Meat Slicing


Production of cooked meat slices, Chicken slices, Gala Pie slices or Paté can all be significantly enhanced by an Elliptical Design Ultrasonic slicer. The consistent and measured motion of the slicer ensures that crumbly pastry remains intact.

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Our Automated Handling Systems provide a repeatable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to the increasing cost of manual labour. With the delicate nature of the confectionery industry, there are benefits from using an Elliptical Design system.

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