Robotics is now used as a more cost-effective solution to replace repetitive manual labour. Providing consistent, accurate placement of products with pick rates up to 200 per minute, robotic systems are fast becoming the food industry answer to rising overheads. Once only used for end of line packaging, Elliptical Design can provide inline handling solutions for products.

Available in wash down specification and particularly suited for high handling throughput rates and smaller products – Up to 10kg payload. Multiple Robots can be controlled over a single system and often include online vision detection.

The conventional Robot arm manipulator provides increased dexterity for applications requiring more complex handling of products. Robots can be floor, horizontal or vertical mounted (Suspended above the work area) to make the best use of the space available and are all supplied with a safety interlocked cell, guard key systems or light barriers.
Combining our knowledge and expertise within these key areas, Elliptical Design can provide full Robotic Ultrasonic Cutting and Handling Systems, incorporating existing Ultrasonic technology and components into the Robot working envelope.
All system options can be provided with a variety of options including Vision for positional and quality checking, Weighing for pre and post slicing and packing.