About Us

Whenever we buy anything new there are usually choices. In many cases it is easy to decide on which product to purchase because we like what we see, and the price is within our expected budget — but it isn’t quite as simple where technical items are concerned especially if they are made up of many different components that can’t be seen. In these circumstances we rely on the supplier to assist and advise us on their products to guarantee quality, value for money and most important that the product meets expectations and performs in line with requirements.

At Elliptical Design, we can discuss and visualise your exact requirements in detail to ascertain what you require from a production system rather than telling you what you need. We work on projects and ensure a solid working relationship with our customers.

We have the knowhow, flexibility, willingness and expertise to design and manufacturer systems to suit your needs so that you get exactly what you pay for. We will, of course, guide you through the Health & Safety implications, the technical limitations and the impact on the final price but by listening to your requirements, we know we can deliver and support a system that you will be happy with for years to come.